Start WordPress/WooCommerce dropshipping business today using Wooshark for AliExpress and WooCommerce

Download plugin from here

Latest stable version 3.0.5

Date upload: 24/09/2020

fix issue with attributes names for color not displaying good value

fix issue with item specific not getting imported

Latest version 3.0.6 (early release not stable yet)

- Breaking change: the configuration now is saved on the server side not anymore on the browser. this will give more accuracy and more flexibility to end user

note that you might need to save your configuration again to persists it on the server.

- remove button save formula on top

- add more popup to enhance user experience

 Go to WordPress plugins

Click on "add new"

Click on "upload plugin"

Choose the file downloaded 

Activate the plugin and make sure you remove the free version

Date upload: 28/09/2020