Import Aliexpress review And Amazon reviews to woocommerce

Aliexpress reviews
Aliexpress reviews
Aliexpress reviews

Wooshark reviews importer for AliExpress and Amazon


How the plguin work

Main Features

Import AliExpress and amazon reviews to woocommerce

Import AliExpress reviews

  • import aliexpress reviews using sku

  • Customize aliexpress reviews before import

  • Select aliexpress reviews only with images

  • Select aliexpress reviews only with 5 stars

  • Generate Names instead of Aliexpress name

  • load more aliexpress reviews

  • add custom reviews

  • Select language of the reviews

  • Save preference 

  • create own reviews library

  • save preferences

Import Amazon reviews

  • import reviews from Amazon ASIN

  • create reviews library

  • Customize reviews before import

  • Select amazon reviews only with images

  • Select amazon reviews only with 5 stars

  • Select amazon reviews using search keyword

  • load more amazon reviews

  • add custom amazon reviews

  • Save preference 

  • import high resolution reviews images from amazon

  • edit all details of amazon reviews

  • add tags and tags color to amazon reviews

  • save preferences