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aliexpress ebay amazon etsy
aliexpress ebay amazon etsy

Start WordPress/Woocommerce dropshipping business today using AliExpress, eBay, Amazon and Etsy

Start woocommerce dropshipping from AliExpress, eBay, Amazon and etsy

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Main Features of Wooshark for Aliexpress, eBay Amazon and Etsy


Multistore support & unlimited number of products

  • Multistore support using the same license.

  • No need to buy a new license for each new store.

  • Unlimited product import for silver and golden plan.


Product language and currency

  • Import product language and currency according to the website preferences setting.

  • United States' products are imported into English and dollar currency.

  • No need to convert currency.

  • This applies to all domains.


Bulk import  

  • Search and select various products and import them with a single click with bulk import.

  • Faster to import a big number of products than single import.

  • Set a global import preference for bulk import.

Only Aliexpress and eBay


Automatic price calculation formula

  • Automate profit-margin using price formula.

  • Create and manage different price intervals.

  • Define a formula for each price interval. 

  • The appropriate product price will be calculated according to the appropriate price formula.


Order placement


Original product link

  • The user can place an order on the Aliexpress website with one click.

  • Wooshark will load all order product details and add them to the shopping cart (quantity and selected variations options).

  • Wooshark will create the shipping address or help to create the shipping address.

  • Wooshark will redirect the user to the checkout page.

  • Direct link to the original product URL from WooCommerce product page.


Import product specifications to WooCommerce shop

  • Specify the product specifications that will be displayed to the user in the ‘specifications’ tab.

  • The user can either keep the default specifications or update them.

  • The user can delete any row or add new specifications.


Import description and short description to WooCommerce shop

  • Import and customize the original product description.

  • Remove all pictures from the description.

  • Remove the whole description content.

  • Remove text from the description

  • Edit the description using an advanced editor.


Import product reviews and rating to WooCommerce

  • Import original product reviews including reviews content, images, publisher, and publication date.

  • Create new custom reviews and ratings.

  • Customize and edit reviews content, publisher, and date.

  • Create new reviews.


Import categories from WooCommerce

  • Select multiple categories to which the product will be imported.

  • Categories are loaded dynamically from the WooCommerce categories.


Import different source Images to WooCommerce

  • Import product images to WooCommerce.

  • Import description images to WooCommerce.

  • Import variations images to WooCommerce.

  • Import reviews Images to WooCommerce.

  • Customize product images using an advanced image editor.

  • Crop, resize, add text, etc., using Lunapic editor.


Import and customize product variations into WooCommerce

  • Import variations, variations price, sale price, SKU, weight, quantity, images.

  • Customize variations price, sale price, SKU, quantity, and weight.

  • Remove unwanted variations.

  • Apply one price to all variations on WooCommerce.


Publish/draft featured

  • Choose either to publish the product directly or save it as a draft on WooCommerce.

  • Draft products will not be available online unless the user publishes them.

  • Set a product to be a featured product on WooCommerce.

How to use the extension Wooshark for Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. 

How to import from aliexpress