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Import and customize products

Import products

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Marc dooder

Wooshark allows users to import products from various websites (aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, tmart, bigbuy, banggood, etc.) to woocommerce store very easily. This can be done by clicking on the newly introduced 'import to store' button available on each product page.

When the user clicks this button, a modal is displayed, this modal allows the user to customize a product before importing it. The following section gives more details about customization.

Link to the original product


10:00 am

After importing a product, you will have a link to visit the original product page. This can be helpful, specially when you have a lot of products.

You can find the link as following, wordpress -> product -> pick a product 

when the product load, at the top of the page you can click  'original product page', this will open the original product page ona a new tab.

Customize product


11:30 am

A user can customize a product before importing it to the store by making use of the several customization options within the modal window. The modal consists of different tabs, each of which has different product attributes that can be customized as required.

Note: Tab contents can change according to the product type (simple product or variable product).

A simple product is a product without variations.

Below is a list of the tabs:


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Marc dooder

The General tab offers the possibility to edit the following product properties

·         Product title

·         Product price  (only visible for simple products, check Variations tab for variable products)

·         SKU attribute (only visible for simple products, check Variations tab for variable products) 

·         Short description

·         Selected categories (the user can select multiple categories to which product can be imported

·         Publish/draft (choose either to publish the product directly or to save as draft)

·         Weight (only visible for simple products, check Variations tab for variable products) 

This tab is already filled with default details of the original product, the user can either keep them or update them according to their needs.

The categories are retrieved from the store categories. However, a new category can be added from the admin panel, and it will be available within the list of categories.

This tab also allows the user to set an already defined price formula or create a new one. if a user has already defined a price formula, it will be applied automatically to the original price, and the new price will be displayed in the custom price field


Written By

Marc dooder

Price Formula: All products imported to your store appear with their original prices. In order to get profit from your business, you need to determine pricing rules and set markups/margins.

To add a new pricing markup rule,click 'set Price formula'. A new tab will appear, Select Supplier Cost Range Min Max on the left side and enter the value of these fields. On the right side you can define mathematical expression examples

1.2 * (2 + 4.5)

2 * 4 * 0.9

0.99 + 15 

3 + 10

 The output of this fo this formula will be multiplied by the original product prcice.

you can define as many interval as you want.  If you need additional rules for your formula, you can add intervall button. once you finish defining the price formula you can save the formula for future use.

The price formula will be applied automatically, the user still can edit the price manually after that.

The user can also see the used formula on the top of the variation tab for variable products and on top of general tab for simple products.

If the user want to edit the price, he can do the same way as defining new formula

(The user need to reload the page to get the updated formula)



10:00 am

This tab offers all the tools to update the product description

Remove pictures: This enables the user to remove all pictures from the description.

Remove text: This allows the user to remove all text from the description

BE careful, some pictures can contain text, this text will not be removed, unless you remove the picture

Add custom description: You can add a custom description that will be concatenated to the rest of the description. For example, some notes, remark, tips, ...

Edit description with editor: you can edit the description using a custom editor. This editor offers all the tools to:

-       Remove pictures one at a time

-       Remove or edit text inside the description

-       Add a table with specific information inside

-       Format the description text. 

and many other options

you can check to get more details about the editor and their policy



11:30 am

The gallery tab offers all the tools needed to prepare the list of images to import.

Include pictures from description: In addition to the default product images, the user can also include images from the description. This can be very helpful when the description contains additional images.

Remove image: each image has a button at the top of it, this button allows the user to remove the image.

Edit Image: The user can edit an image before importing it. Once the user clicks the “edit image” button, an online image editor will show up on a new tab, the image is selected by default. The user can do a lot of operations, such as:

-       Remove logo

-       Add a logo

-       Resize a picture

-       Add text

-       Add borders (a lot of choices are available)

-       Add effect (a lot of effects are available)

-       Remove background


Written By

Marc dooder

Edit Image: The user can edit an image before importing it. Wooshark links to an online image editor Lunapic (you can visit their site from here

Wooshark will open the online editor automatically and load the selected image to be edited. then it is up 

to the user.

The user can choose between a lot of  features


+ remove logo (cropping tools very smart)

+ add a logo

+ resize a picture

+ add text

+ add borders (a lot of choices are available)

+ add effect (a lot of effect are available)

+ remove background.

and many other tools that you can discover , check the following link

After editing, the user needs to click on 'Save Image' on top of the page, and Wooshark will implement all the changes and replace the old image with the new one on the gallery tab. The user can edit as many images as they want.

There are many resources on the internet on how to use Lunapic online editor 

Note: Woocommece does not accept images with animation. 



11:30 am

The variations tab offers the possibility to manage the variations of a product (only variable products). The tab gives an overview of all attributes combinations (such as color, size, model, type, etc.) in relation with the quantity, sale price, original price, image (if available), sku and weight

The user can read/update any variation, as each field is editable. They can also remove a row from the table. 

Note: a product cannot have more than 40 variations; otherwise it might be rejected by woocommerce during the product insertion process (either request timeout or unknown error). 

Additional features available on this tab include:

1. Apply price formula to sale price and original price. This feature allows the user to apply the price formula you have defined (see formula section) to the sale price or original price. If not done, the product will be imported with the original price only. 

2. Import sale price. Check this option to associate a sale price with the product. By default, the sale price is not imported..

3. Import SKU attribute. Check this option to import the product’s SKU  attributes. Be careful, as this option can cause 'out of stock' error because different products can have the same SKU, but since woocommerce does not accept duplicate values, the variations will not be saved (as a result, the product is imported but will be regarded as ‘out of stock’).



11:30 am

The review tab offers the following features:

1- Import reviews and rating from the original product.

The user can import original product reviews by clicking 'Select reviews to import.’ This will take the user to a new tab containing the original reviews from Aliexpress product page. The user can select multiple reviews from multiple pages to import by checking the 'Import review' option. When the user has finished selecting the reviews to import, he can click ‘Import reviews’ on the bottom of the page. This will return them to the customization tab.

When the user is back to the reviews tab, all imported reviews will be displayed in a table. The user can then edit any review content, writer, and rating. 



11:30 am

2- Create custom reviews and ratings.

The user can also add their custom reviews. The ‘add review’ button will add a new entry to the review tab.

The user can specify the review content, the review writer and the rating. That's all. No complicated stuff.



11:30 am

This tab allows the user to specify the product specifications that will be displayed to the user in the ‘specifications’ tab. By default, it is filled with all the specifications of the original product. The user can either keep them or update them.

The user can directly modify the content of any row on this table. They can also delete any row or add new specifications. It is very easy to manage. 

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