Start WordPress/Woocommerce dropshipping buisiness today using Wooshark

Orders fullfillement

Orders fulfilement

You get a first sale, congratulations.
Now you can place an order on AliExpress. 
Go to wordpress -> woocommerce -> orders a new button called place order will be displayed on each order, click this button, wooshark will do the rest, 
Wooshark will open the original product page, select the appropriate options (size, color, etc..) then will add all user details to the purchase form (including adress, name, surname, ...) 
The rest is up to you to give your payment details and pass the order. ‚Äč
Please note: currently order placement is only for AliExpress (we can do for you custom developement for amazon, ebay, etsy this will be chargable)   |   15 avenue de la gare Paris