Start WordPress Woocommerce dropshipping buisiness today using Chinabrands

Wooshark dropshipping for chinabrands consist of a lot of features that will help you make dropshipping buisiness easier


User will is charged Only one time, no additional paymentts

Multi stores License(10 Stores)
Unlimited import

Main features

Import product variations

  • Import product variations from original product.

  • Gives an overview of all variations (such as color, size, model, type, etc.)

  • Read/update any variation value such as sale price, regular price, weight, sku, quantity

  • All variation fields are editable

Import images

  • ​Import images  from the product images.

  • Include images from the description

  • Use an advanced image editor

  • Select which images to import

import product specifications

  • Specify the product specifications that will be displayed to the user in the ‘specifications’ tab

  • The user can either keep the default specifications or update them.

  • They can delete any row or add new specifications

Import description and short description

  • Import and customize original product description

  • Remove all pictures from the description

  • Remove the whole desciption content

  • Remove text from description

  • Edit the description using a custom editor.


  • Choose either to publish the product directly or save it as a draft.

  • Draft products will not be available online unless the user publish them.

Import Product Reviews and rating

  • Import reviews from the original product page. you can select which reviews to import.

  • Create new custom reviews and ratings.

  • Customize Review content, user name and rating 

  • Edi the content of the review before import.

Import categories

  • Select multiple categories to which the product will be imported

  • Categories are loaded dynamically from the woocommerce categories

Automatic price calculation formula

  • Create and manage different price intervalls

  • Define a formula for each price interval 

  • Define complex mathematical formula

  • Edit formula is a simple task. 

Original product link

  • A link button used to visit the original product page whenever the user want see something. 

How to use the extension

A video tutorial show step by step how to use wooshark Chinabrands dropshipping extension.

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