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 Wooshark dropshipping for AliExpress and WooCommerce

Create your own dropshipping business using Wooshark for AliExpress and woocommerce. Wooshark offers a set of features that makes dropshipping easy. what are you waiting for ?

Check our set of features and pricing plan below



Pricing Plans - Wooshark for AliExpress

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Why Choosing Wooshark for AliExpress & woocommerce ?

Dropshipping with AliExpress is also comparatively easy. There's no upfront cost or fee, so you can test out products without a significant financial commitment. ... Many sellers on AliExpress have existing product photos you can use on your store, and basic product descriptions are provided as well



No more questions on what to do with drop-shipping; our experts are ready to provide you with a Ready Made Online Dropshipping store.

Everything you need will be available in our ready-to-use dropshipping stores which are full of high-demand products.​


Wordpress plugin & chrome extension

  • The license consists of a wordpress plugin and a chrome extensions 

  • The chrome extension and the Wordpress plugin have different features that help to make drop-shipping easier 

Select woocommerce categories

  • Select multiple categories to which the product will be imported.

  • Categories are loaded dynamically from the WooCommerce categories.

  • Create a new category and it will be available to import a product to.

Import specifications and variations

  • Customize and Import AliExpress variations, variations price, sale price, SKU, weight, quantity, images.

  • Import AliExpress product attributes for variations.

  • Import AliExpress product attributes for additional information .

  • Import variations images

  • Apply price to all variations

Charm pricing

  • Allow to automatically set all variations price to finish with ,99 or with ,00

  • Charm pricing is also known as psychological pricing and they play big role to convince customers to purchase products.​

Unlimited product import from AliExpress

Unlimited product import for AliExpress.

Unlimited Import from the wordpress plugin.

Unlimited import from the chrome extension.

Import AliExpress description and short description

  • customize and import the original product description.

  • Remove all pictures from the description.

  • Remove the whole description content.

  • Remove text from the description.

  • Edit the description using an advanced editor.

Auto update price and stock

  • Synchronize price and stock of all AliExpress products imported to your WooCommerce store

  • Synchronize the price and stock of a single AliExpress product inside the WooCommerce store.

  • Update every AliExpress product price by using a newly defined price formula.

Other features

  • Link to original product url from the wordpress product page 

  • option to import a product as published or as draft (not published)

  • FIlter products that have epacket delivery, display the cost and the delivery date for the search on the aliexpress search page 

Bulk import  from AliExpress 

Add AliExpress products to waiting list and import them with a single click

Set a global import preference for bulk import from AliExpress.

Import AliExpress product reviews and rating

  • Import original product reviews, including reviews content, images, publisher, and publication date.

  • Create new custom reviews and ratings.

  • Customize and edit content reviews, publisher, and date.

  • Create new reviews.

Auto availabbility checks

  • Products that does not exist anymore on aliexpress will be set to draft automatically.

  • The automatic check run every day, all draft products will be available in a different tab (expired products)

Import shipping cost

  • Allow to add the shipping method and shipping cost to the product checkout page when the user is doing the checkout process

  • Automatically rename AliExpress shipping methods with standard shipping methods

Import different AliExpress source Images

  • Import AliExpress product images gallery and description.

  • Import AliExpress variations images.

  • Import AliExpress reviews Images.

  • Customize product images using an advanced image editor.

  • Crop, resize, add text, etc., using Lunapic editor.

Import shipping methods

  • Specify the product specifications that will be displayed to the user in the ‘specifications’ tab on the WooCommerce store.

  • The user can either keep the default specifications or update them.

  • User can delete any row or add new specifications.

Automatic price markup formula

  • Automate profit-margin using price formula for AliExpress products.

  • Create and manage different price intervals.

  • Define a formula for each price interval.

  • The appropriate product price will be calculated according to the appropriate price formula.

Product language and currency

  • Wooshark dropshipping for AliExpress allows to import products according to the currently selected language and currency.

  • no translation is needed, everything will handled automatically


Main features - Wooshark for AliExpress & woocommerce

  • What is included?
    A domain name Fully functional eCommerce store Seamlessly integrated 100% dropship supply chain Back-end content management system Backend stocks management system Post-sale technical support
  • What are the costs associated with running this store?
    The only cost is that of the hosting service and store promotion.
  • How does the business generate revenue?
    This is an eCommerce store that sells products, so the owner makes money every time someone buys products from this store.
  • How can I promote a business like this?
    Your foremost focus for the first few months should be on increasing traffic. Targeted traffic is what converts and conversion is what generates revenue. It can be achieved by deploying basic online marketing strategies.
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